Some people are gifted with the ability to tell a great story on cue. Others need help to tap their memories for forgotten gems, or they may need encouragement to share what they think is inconsequential. Mosaic Memoirs assists you with recording and preserving your treasured life stories.

Eileen McCarthy Rakouskas - the founder of Mosaic Memoirs - began researching her family genealogy in the 1980s and eventually recorded family stories to enhance those historical records. She has also authored several autobiographical essays.

When her mother began writing her own memoir, Eileen edited the manuscript, asking for details and encouraging more stories, finally producing a treasured book. Her mother's experience was the impetus for Eileen to help others save their life stories. Today as a personal historian, Eileen blends her passion for family history with preserving life story mosaics.

Encouraged by her compassion and empathy, clients readily trust Eileen. Her honest dedication means that she will develop your life story with care and integrity. Eileen has a particular interest in social justice stories and believes that everyone has stories worth telling.

Eileen is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and Holyoke Community College and lives in Massachusetts.

Mosaic Memoirs
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